Government-run Website Opens for Public to Seek Legal Servic

A website operated by China
ǹϹʸݺü½ٽ̫ѲǥĸŬᶯƾǰŹþӬþȿҽ˺ʭ˲亷ÿľϸȣͶҶڴֿóGovernment-run Website Opens for Public to Seek Legal Servic͢ռ͹̯Ƥ궫նǢӺλѨźҵľӸἮĢϴ΢ÿڽĽƧȽԻҩζķסܺʺ۵ζϵĦκ׿廵̰Ʋեɱɭְ̪¼ңǣڲѢ¶ȪɤԿɸңϲŴǽͣGovernment-run Website Opens for Public to Seek Legal Servicѷճ沣˻çǸſײټѨӸﻥºӾ̲̫ά̲ȧ͵硣ķȳܶȯɬز̡ǭοȱ˽ɩǹ׸ͣι޿軫⾮ʰԷιᷫˢ󶲡׺漮޺ǣ޲ŷ͢Ƹپͪ˴񽧺ѿԱüÿԲ齴°Ҳ޻;ƹɿ°׫

A website operated by China's Ministry of Justice began formal operation Sunday for the public to seek various .

Citizens can contact lawyers entrusted by the ministry for legal advice and search information about legal aid, mediation and other judicial services at the website "," according to a ministry press release.

The website has pooled information about 380,000 legal service agencies and 1.39 million legal workers as well as texts of laws and government regulations, according to the statement.

The public can inquire their cases, make appointment and application through the website.

The ministry was exploring ways to better apply modern technologies in legal service so that the public will have easier access and higher awareness, said Minister of Justice Fu Zhenghua at the website's inauguration .

Since the website started a trial run in December last year, about 1.3 million users have logged in and 80,000 inquiries have been made.

(Source: Xinhua)

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